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Creative and Confident Communicators through Arts

The IJ Arts Policy

Our arts policy is designed to provide opportunities for each pupil to explore, engage and expand her capacity in the arts, namely in Music (instrumental as well as choral), Dance and Visual Art. Through actualising this policy, we aim to achieve our Arts Department’s vision for all IJ girls to experience, appreciate and realise their artistic potential so that they will become art ambassadors of our school. Our policy is very much aligned to CHIJ’s vision of providing pupils with skills to meet life’s challenges as women of character and women for others through the provision of a holistic education. This is spelt out through our IJ Arts Curriculum.

Known for our rich history in cultivating talents in music and dance and recognised by MOE through PSE Accreditation since 2007 and LLP for Music and Performing Arts in 2015, the IJ Arts Curriculum has been designed to develop not only an appreciation of the arts in each and every pupil, but also to provide pupils with opportunities to experience a wide array of the arts. The Arts CCA curriculum seeks to further enable those with a talent & passion for certain arts form to excel in their arts skills and talents.

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