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Information Technology


Using IT to encourage pupils to learn independently and actively.Pupil-centred:

  • Pupils are to use IT for active learning of their surroundings and be able to select appropriate IT tools for various purposes.
  • Pupils are to obtain a diverse learning experience while developing a broad range of communication, technical and artistic skills.
  • Pupils are to demonstrate their knowledge and express their ideas by using images, text, video, sound and animation in any combination.
  • Pupils are to be provided with opportunities to develop IT skills and resources for independent life-long learning.


  • Teachers have up-to-date IT knowledge and skills for the enhancement of teaching methods, administrative purposes as well as for personal development and experimentation.

IT Resources:

  • The school has a good and robust infrastructure to allow a widespread integral use of IT that value adds teaching and learning processes.
  • All different stakeholders of the school will be supported in terms of IT for the further development of each of them.

Community Connections:

  • Communication links between school and parents are strengthened.


NEU PC Plus Programme

A programme initiated by IDA to cater to the needs of low-income families in providing PCs and other Internet services. Please check out this website for more information.

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